Tatuaje Lomo de Cerdo Tuxtla cigars are the latest release in the company’s highly popular Tuxtla series, that puts a new flavorful spin on the Avion 13, Tatuaje 7th and the Tatuaje 110 lines. All four blends are covered by a Mexican San Andres wrapper grown in the ‘Tuxtla’ region of Mexico, hence the name “Tuxtla” on all four blends. Originally launched in 2010, the Tatuaje Lomo de Cerdo was released as a shop exclusive for a Boston, Massachusetts retailer where word of mouth gained it a large cult-following. The Tatuaje Lomo de Cerdo is back in 2023 as a limited production, single 5 x 52 Robusto. Handcrafted by My Father Cigars in Nicaragua, the cigars showcase a zesty Mexican San Andres wrapper complimented by Tatuaje’s signature blend of aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobacco. The finished product is a medium-to-full bodied smoke that’s brimming with savory notes of black pepper, leather, roasted nuts, and cedar, backed by plenty of sweetness on a long-lasting finish. Spanish for “Pork Tenderloin”. The Tatuaje Lomo de Cerdo Tuxtla is an epicurean delight sold here at JR Cigar in handsome boxes of 25. Order these limited-edition gems from JR Cigar today, so that you don’t miss out one of the tastiest and most intriguing blends in the star studded Tatuaje brand portfolio.
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