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Sindicato Cigars is a company that creates unique premium handmade blends catered for the sophisticated palate. The Affinity cigars are expertly crafted smokes with a rich and flavorful medium body taste profile. The Sindicato Hex is a full flavored Nicaraguan blend with savory notes of hazelnut, coffee, black pepper, and a long creamy finish. Dark leaf enthusiasts will simply love the bold and rich, cocoa, leather, and pepper flavors that the Sindicato Maduro cigars provide. Maniac is a full-bodied cigar with a modern, edgy look and feel. This full body and highly complex cigar will appeal to the modern smoker and seasoned enthusiasts alike. A delicious puro, Sindicato Natural is ripe with the spicy, earthy, and naturally sweet flavors that top-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos provide. All of these fabulous Sindicato blends provide the smoker with exceptionally unique flavor and outstanding construction. We think you are going to love these superb luxury cigars.

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