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Regius Exclusivo USA White cigars comprise a medium bodied blend of six vitolas expertly rolled at the famous Plasencia Factory in Nicaragua.  The cigars award winning flavors of spice, wood, leather, cocoa and rich vanilla, are the result of a top-quality blend of 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos that were carefully chosen from the fertile Jalapa Valley region and the volcanic soils of Ometepe. The golden-brown wrapper covering these prized leaves is oily, seamless, and silky to the feel. From first puff until the last   the cigar remains full flavored, yet never overpowering, because a smooth medium-bodied draw gently carries the smoker through every layer of the experience. Exclusivo USA White is a luxury cigar you can always count on for superb construction, outstanding taste, and steadfast consistency from one smoke to the next.

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