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A handmade premium cigar created by the famed family who brought smokers the Fonseca and Casa Magna brands, the Heisenberg by Quesada is handcrafted with a top-secret recipe of top-quality long-filler tobaccos and named for the guy who came up with the Uncertainty Principle. If you feel like taking a gamble while buying handmade premium cigars online, Heisenberg by Quesada is a safe bet!

Packed in boxes of 10 cigars, each featuring a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile and finished with a lush and rich-looking EMS wrapper leaf in a medium-brown color, the Heisenberg by Quesada brand leaves a lot to the imagination...while absolutely ensuring that quintessential Quesada quality that cigar smokers have come to expect. So, considering this handmade cigar's namesake and its undisclosed tobacco recipe, we’re thinking that the idea is “smoke it, enjoy it, and don’t think too hard about it”—solid advice for a solid selection of premium handmade smokes. After all, if the Heisenberg cigar brand is crafted by the Quesada family, it’s extremely likely (if not 100% certain) to provide a premium handmade-cigar experience to smokers shopping online to buy a mouthwatering smoke with an air of mystery.

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