Premium Psyko Seven Nicaragua cigars are a Nicaraguan version of the original Pysko 7 blend that was made in the Dominican Republic. This three vitola line is a first-time collaboration between Ventura Cigar Co. and Indiana Ortez, a rising star in the industry who learned her impeccable blending skills from her famous cigar making father Omar Ortez. Rolled entirely with Nicaraguan tobaccos grown on the Ortez family farm, the cigars are covered by a stunning vintage Claro wrapper from a prized 2007 crop. With an intriguing array of complex flavors that include pepper, earth, oak, caramel, and creamy leather, Indiana is following in her father’s legendary footsteps with these delicious and extremely well-crafted Psyko 7 Nicaragua cigars Order a box today, and get ready to experience a hot new brand that’s destined for greatness!
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