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Psyko Seven cigars consist of two stunning premium blends that include the highly sought-after original line, and the hot new Psyko 7 Nicaragua. Diametrically opposed in tobacco blends, strength and flavors, the original Psyko Seven cigars are mellow-medium bodied cigars with a mind blowing 7 tobaccos from 6 countries, and the Nicaraguan Psyko 7 line is a fuller-flavored Nicaraguan puro blend. The original Pysko Seven blend from Omar Ortez and Ventura, displays creamy textured notes of sweet cocoa, leather, cedar, and just the right touches of spice. Psyko 7 Nicaragua cigars are a first-time collaboration between Ventura Cigar Co. and Indiana Ortez, a rising star in the industry who learned her impeccable blending skills from her famous cigar making father Omar Ortez. Rolled entirely with top-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos grown on the Ortez family farm, these Nicaraguan puros provide a compelling array of bold, complex flavors that include pepper, earth, oak, caramel, and creamy leather. Whether you chose the tamer Pysko Seven cigar from Omar Ortez, or the bolder feistier Psyko 7 Nicaragua from his daughter Indiana, you’ll experience a wonderfully complex cigar with top-notch construction and a great burn.
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