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Nicaragua Nude Bundles are a series of premium cigars made by a famous Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer, whose name we are not at liberty to disclose. This is good new for both you and your bank account, because if we told you made them, you’d most likely be willing to pay twice the price. These top-notch cigars are available in two distinct blends called Nicaragua Nude Connecticut and Nicaragua Nude Habano cigars, that are both featured in three popular sizes. Every cigar starts off with the finest aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobaccos covered by your choice of a silky golden brown Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper or a bolder Habano leaf. Nude Connecticut is a mellow-to-medium bodied smoke that serves up creamy smooth flavors of leather, cocoa, cedar, and hints of spice, whereas as the bolder Nude Habano brings rich medium-to full bodied notes of black pepper, earth, cinnamon, and espresso to the party. Whichever wrapper style that you chose, Nicaragua Nude Bundles will offer you a first-rate premium cigar with pristine construction and great taste, that far surpasses its modest price point. Order a bundle of 20 from JR Cigar now, and discover an everyday value-priced smoke that’s certain to exceed all of your expectations.
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