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Introducing Dim Mak—the latest super-premium release from the company that brought you the enormously popular La Jugada Nunchuck and Chinese Finger Trap lines, MoyaRuiz.

Dim Mak gets its name from the mythical martial arts technique, which is said to cause delayed death, due to a single blow from the hand used only by grandmasters as a last resort when death becomes the only option. MoyaRuiz incorporates this idea as a harsh statement to the FDA about their overbearing tobacco regulations that will hamper the growth of our industry, while also coinciding with Cigar Dojo’s own Japanese influence due to the DOJONATION communities massive support for MoyaRuiz since the beginning.

MoyaRuiz proudly proclaims that Dim Mak is their most complex offering to date, as it features the company’s first use of fully aged proprietary Dominican tobaccos. The binder is from Nicaragua, and a gorgeous oily brown Habano wrapper grown in Ecuador completes this intense recipe. The result is a delicious medium to full bodied smoke with hearty notes of leather, coffee, earth, and a plethora of exotic spices. However, a written description does not do this stick full justice, as you will have to experience it yourself to appreciate its abundant complexity and refinement.

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