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One of the signature premium brands that made JR famous, Maria Mancini has been a top seller for more than twenty-five years thanks to its Cuban-style box-pressed shape, extraordinary medium to full body flavors, and best of all, a remarkably affordable price. Now, take all of these great qualities and toss in some rare and vintage tobaccos and you have the exciting new Maria Mancini Limited Edition cigars! This flawlessly constructed small batch gem with an oily deep brown wrapper, serves up medium to full body notes of coffee, leather, nuts, and a unique spiciness that lingers on the nose and on the palate. A cigar of this stature would normally cost an arm and a leg, but keeping with Maria Mancini tradition, this is also a very affordable cigar. We are very happy to offer Maria Mancini Limited Edition cigars to all of our loyal customers and we hope that you love it as much as we do! 

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