Macanudo Inspirado Palladium cigars made their debut as a limited-edition release for the European market. However, due to its overwhelming popularity abroad, it became a regular production line sold as a JR Cigar exclusive offering. Back in 2016, when General Cigar created the Macanudo Inspirado line the whole series ushered in a whole new audience of modern Macanudo smokers. Inspirado Palladium is one of the most intricate blends ever produced by Macanudo as it uses an old Cuban technique that involves using tercios to age the tobacco. With tercios, the tobaccos are aged in large palm bark-wrapped bales instead of traditional burlap. The bark forms a tighter seal, trapping in oil and bringing out the tobacco’s natural taste characteristics. The end result is one of the most flavor-intense medium bodied smokes in the iconic Macanudo brand portfolio. The blend for Inspirado Palladium is composed of Brazilian, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos aged in” tercio” bales, covered by a zesty Mexican San Andres binder and a beautiful darker than usual Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper leaf. Available in a Churchill and Robusto size, the cigars offer lush, fragrant notes of black pepper, wood, cocoa, and sweet cream, with some noticeable floral tones on a long-lasting finish. Order a 10-count box of these magnificent cigars, and savor the smooth and creamy taste of Tercio aged tobaccos.
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