Since 1971, Macanudo has been the premium cigar of choice for discerning smokers that demand a smoke with flawless construction and consistently great taste time after time. For many years, the brand consisted of lush smooth Dominican blends made primarily with mellow- to- medium bodied smokers in mind. However, In the last couple of decades Macanudo decided to modernize and expand their portfolio with many new and unique blends designed to include smokers of all experience levels. The hot new Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade cigars are a fine example of how this world-famous brand has evolved. A limited edition offering, Macanudo Inspirado Brazilian Shade cigars distinguish themselves from all other brands on the market by using a Connecticut shade wrapper grown in Bahia, Brazil. This unique wrapper combines the creaminess common to Connecticut Shade leaf with the bolder and richer taste of Brazilian tobacco. The rest of this highly sophisticated recipe includes a Mexican San Andrés binder that sits atop four very unique filler tobaccos: Brazilian mata fina; cubita and piloto cubano from the Dominican Republic; and tobacco from Jalapa, Nicaragua. The time-consuming effort in gathering and blending these unique tobaccos really paid off in dividends, because this medium bodied smoke is truly one for the ages! Every puff on an Inspirado Brazilian Shade cigar coats the palate with highly complex flavors of creamy caramel, cocoa, roasted nuts, toast, and subtle hints of zesty spice on the finish. Order a box of these limited-edition gems while you still can, and savor a little slice of Brazil— courtesy of Macanudo!
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