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Self-taught cigar maker Sam Leccia wanted to know everything about premium cigars. His love of the leaf went well beyond just ordering his favorite brand; he wanted to make his mark in the industry. He started taking apart cigars in his garage and making unique blends with them to learn the differences of the tobaccos and their place in the cigar. It was total trial and error, but the trial was very successful. After years of tinkering with blends, he hit the stogy jackpot and now offers three lines of cigars that are that have won critical acclaim along with hordes of cigar enthusiasts jumping on the Leccia bandwagon to enjoy their exceptional flavors and flawless construction. The three exotic 5 country cigar blends Black, White, and Luchadore are all medium to full-bodied smokes that beautifully complement each other and also offer a testimony to Sam Leccia’s amazing blending skills.
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