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La Hoja Cigar Co. 1962 premium handmade cigars are the rebirth of an old Cuban brand that was launched before Fidel Castro came to power. The name is symbolic of the year 1962 when the US Government put a trade embargo on all products from Cuba, most notably cigars. This three-blend line starts with the Reserva Limitada 1962 that boasts a refined recipe of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos covered with an oily, deep brown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. To appeal to the smoker’s dark side, La Hoja’s sophomore release, Edicion Maduro 1962 presents aged Dominican Piloto Cubano, and Nicaraguan long-fillers and covers them with a zesty licorice black San Andres maduro wrapper. Rekindling all the Cuban- style goodness of the original recipe, La Hoja, Reserva Limitada 1962 takes an oily nut-brown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and combines it with a proprietary mix of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. All solidly built, and unequivocally distinct in character, each type of La Hoja 1962 blend utilizes tobacco fully aged for a minimum of 6 -years to create a smooth, well refined medium to full bodied experience. Buy your favorite La Hoja Cigar Co. 1962 offering from JR Cigar and enjoy a little slice of old Havana with every fragrant draw.

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