La Gloria Cubana Criollo De Oro is a two vitola line of premium cigars that showcase an exquisitely engineered Dominican hybrid wrapper leaf . The cigars start off by using a blend of the finest fully aged Honduran and Nicaraguan long fillers, bunched inside a savory Connecticut Broadleaf binder. Then, to create a blend that’s truly unlike any other, these premium tobaccos are covered by a stunning Dominican wrapper that was expertly grown by crossing vintage criollo 98 seeds with Pelo de Oro seeds, to provide a luxurious medium bodied smoking experience. Boasting top-notch construction and a creamy smooth flavor profile of earth, toast, cinnamon, and black pepper, these limited-edition beauties are a must try for any serious cigar aficionado. We highly suggest that you order yours very quickly from JR Cigar, because only 3,100 boxes of 20 for each size were ever produced.
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