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La Aurora Puro Vintage Cigars are the sixth release in a rare vintage line coming from the world’s oldest Dominican cigar factory still in operation today. The Puro Vintage series is a limited production line of cigars where each installment in the series is made up of what La Aurora considers the best tobaccos harvested from a particular year. In this case, a prized bumper crop of tobacco harvested from 2008 are used for this latest limited offering . Available in one stunning 6.5 x 50 Salomon figurado shape , the blend utilizes a Dominican wrapper leaf and binder from the fertile Cibao Valley , paired with fully aged long filler tobacco from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. The Salomon shape, where the head is tapered, and the foot expands into a sort of bulb with a nipple at the tip, adds extra layers of complexity to the overall smoking experience. Medium bodied, fragrant, and smooth, each puff reveals delicious notes black pepper, leather, and sweet spice, punctuated with a rich caramel sweetness on the finish. Only 1,000 boxes of ten cigars were made, so order yours from JR Cigar today, because you don’t want to miss out on this savory masterpiece from La Aurora.
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