JR Confidential Silver is the latest installment to an extensive line of value priced premium cigars that are made exclusively for yours truly— JR Cigar. Following on the heels of our enormously popular Confidential Purple line, Silver is another fantastic blend that comes from a famed Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer whose name we are not at liberty to disclose. Available in four popular sizes, these medium bodied cigars feature a gorgeous, oily, Habano wrapper that surrounds a manufacturer’s secret blend of binder and long filler tobaccos. Silver’s mouthwatering flavors are revealed the moment you light one up, as complex layers of earth, spice, cocoa, leather, and caramel, coat the palate on every puff. With flavors this good, for a price that’s so darn low, JR Confidential Silver is equivalent to finding a diamond ring in a Cracker Jack box! Order a bundle of 20 from JR Cigar today, so that you have plenty of time to make room in your humidor for more.
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