JR Confidential Bundles are an extensive line of value-priced premium cigars made exclusively for yours truly— JR Cigar. These are by no means factory seconds, but rather they are flawlessly crafted premium cigars that come from a renowned Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer whose name we are not at liberty to reveal. If we told you who made them, we are quite certain that you’d be willing to pay double or perhaps even triple their super-affordable price. To further assure that Purple remains a well-guarded secret, the binder and long filler tobaccos for this blend is also from an unknown origin. However, what we can tell you is that these top-notch cigars are covered by your choice of gorgeous ,oily, maduro, Connecticut, or Habano wrappers, that will have your mouth watering before you take your first savory draw. Whichever wrapper style that you choose, you will enjoy a mellow-to-medium bodied smoke with an abundance of distinctively delicious flavors that will accommodate your own personal taste preferences. Order your favorite wrapper style and size from JR Cigar today, and become formally introduced to your new favorite daily smoker.
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