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Some of the finest premiums on the market, Gurkha cigars are packed with rich history and hearty flavors. Each unique cigar is made with rare, aged, first-class long filler tobaccos and loaded with its own pleasurable flavor profile.

The original Gurhka cigars were created more than a century ago by colonial British soldiers. Since then the company has been reborn as one of the most famous luxury cigar brands in the world. Using only premium tobacco blends, Gurkha cigars offer an extraordinary quality in each and every smoke.

JR Cigars proudly presents the Gurhka 5-packs. Available in a large variety of brand extensions, sizes, tastes, and shapes at conveniently low prices, you are sure to find the smoke that suits your every need. Grab a pack or two – mild, full-bodied or somewhere in-between – and enjoy!
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