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Coming to you from Ted’s Cigars, a cigar maker famous for infusing cigars with various beers and spirits, Grand Marnier cigars are incredibly unique premium handmade cigars. Typically, these sorts of flavor infusions are found in more affordable machine-made cigars, but Ted’s figured out how to capture the luxurious flavor of Grand Marnier in this top-shelf offering.

While some flavored cigars may be cloying, Grand Marnier cigars are made differently. Using finely aged Dominican long fillers, an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and a vintage Corojo wrapper, the tobaccos are carefully and delicately seasoned with top-shelf Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge. This leads to a deliciously good flavor profile unlike anything else you have had before.

With Grand Marnier cigars, you can expect a balanced and rich medium-bodied smoke that will please you whether you are a novice or a seasoned aficionado. Notes of tobacco sweetness, earth, nuts, spice, cream, and delicate citrus flavors will dance on your palate with every delectable puff.

To top it all off, each cigar is packaged in elegant glass tubes that are sealed shut, meaning that you do not need to keep these gems in a humidor for them to stay fresh. Available in upright boxes of 25 or as individual cigars, you have nothing to lose by giving these treats a try.

Offered only in a 6x52 torpedo size, order your Grand Marnier cigars online from JR today and enjoy a cocktail and cigar pairing all in one top-notch experience!

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