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Meticulously mixed by Ted’s Cigars, the Grand Marnier premium handmade cigar selection is one creative cocktail of top-quality tobaccos with the citrus splash of luxurious Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge liqueur. If you’re shopping online to buy a unique handmade cigar that is both refreshing and refined, then you may want to order up some Grand Marnier smokes.

Handcrafted with premium Dominican long-filler tobaccos surrounded by an Ecuador Sumatra binder, Grand Marnier cigars are expertly finished with a smooth Cuban Corojo EMS wrapper leaf in a soft brown color. Elegantly placed in gleaming glass tubes that keep these premium cigars’ condition as fresh as the zesty orange-liqueur flavors within the blend, Grand Marnier handmade premium cigars are available in cost-effective and convenient single-cigar sales as well as elegant upright boxes of 25. Featuring a medium-bodied strength profile, Grand Marnier cigars appeal to the preferences of all kinds of smokers while adding a thirst-quenching shot of top-quality cigar style to any happy hour…with or without your favorite cocktail.

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