Espinosa Sarsaparilla marks the return of a gorgeous looking line of limited-edition premium cigars that first made their debut in 2014 with overwhelming success. What makes the new reinvented Sarsaparilla so unique, is the fact that it’s another highly regarded collaboration between brand owner Erik Espinosa and Cigar Dojo— a social media site that offers in-depth cigar reviews and ratings, as well as cigar tips, videos, podcasts, and special cigar offers for its viewers. This time around, Espinosa Sarsaparilla comes one size— a beautifully shaped 6.0 × 52 Belicoso that’s covered by a rich and oily San Andrés Mexican wrapper that surrounds a core of the finest fully aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobaccos. Sarsaparilla has flavors that are similar to that of licorice, caramel, vanilla, and wintergreen. Some people describe its sweet and sugar-like taste as the same as root beer. The name for these premium cigars were derived because Cigar Dojo founder Eric Guttormson said that these cigars exhibit the flavors of the beverage— hence the name was born. These savory dessert-style premium cigars will offer you a smoking experience that’s truly unlike any other, so order a box of 10 from JR Cigar and savor the delicious taste Sarsaparilla in the form of a perfectly rolled, slow burning handmade premium cigar. But hurry because these unique one-of-a-kind beauties were made in very limited quantities.
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