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Espinosa Las 6 Provincias cigars were created to pay homage to the six famous Cuban tobacco growing provinces that existed prior to the Fidel Castro regime. Once in power, Castro turned the whole Cuban cigar industry from a self-governing entity into a state-run operation. The cigar is expertly hand rolled in just one 6 x52 box pressed vitola using estate grown Nicaraguan tobaccos, covered by a prized Habano 2000 wrapper. This Cuban-seed leaf is beloved for its rich reddish-hue, oily sheen, and earthy sweet “Cubanesque” taste and aroma. Espinosa is offering this cigar in 10-count boxes, along with a limited-edition 20-count box that is mounted on a hinge and designed to look like a swing. Both boxes are adorned with stunning hand painted artwork of Old Havana. With a smooth medium to full bodied profile, and exceptionally rich flavors of black pepper, espresso, earth, and sweetness, Las 6 Provincias will take your palate on a flavorful journey back to pre-embargo Cuba. Order a box of these limited-edition gems from JR Cigar today, so you don’t miss out!

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