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If you're hoping to buy real-deal Cuban smokes online, well...this ain't the place. But, with the El Rico Habano brand of premium handmade cigars (originally created by cigar-manufacturing master Ernesto Perez-Carrillo), you'll fill your humidor with expertly crafted imitators without violating the law! 

Years ago, production of the bold-bodied Havana-style El Rico Habano cigar line was curtailed due to tobacco scarcity. But back in 2001, this premium handmade cigar brand was resurrected with a top-quality crop of premium Nicaraguan leaf. Used in the El Rico Habano cigars long-filler blend, that special tobacco is wrapped in your choice of two mouthwatering and meticulously applied sun-grown leaf styles. Featuring a full-bodied strength profile, El Rico Habano cigars are packed in cedar chests of 25, convenient carry-along boxes of five, and even economical single-cigar selections, all of which make zesty additions to the collections of full-bodied-cigar fans buying tried-and-true traditional cigars online.

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