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The full line of El Galan premium handmade cigars are the product of master blender Felix Mesa who inherited his trade from three generations of cigar makers and tobacco growers in Cuba. Handmade in Nicaragua, El Galan cigars display Mesa’s passion for bringing the very best small-batch blends to the cigar smoking community. His current portfolio includes the Reserve Especial, Campechano, Campestre, Dona Nieves, and the Sentimiento. Depending on the blend, Mesa uses a variety of the finest aged Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos covered with either Habano, Ecuadorian, or Maduro wrappers hand chosen for their nice oily sheen, tight veins, and even color. Moreover, with all of these fine smokes being top-rated, full flavored, yet uniquely delicious in their own right, Mesa’s proud Cuban heritage boldly lives on. If you are very serious about the quality of your premium handmade cigars, you owe it to yourself to experience at least one of these amazing El Galan offerings.

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