Eiroa Jamastran cigars feature only the best high priming tobaccos from the fertile Jamastran Valley in Honduras. A valley in southern Honduras, the Jamastran Valley has the perfect combination of clouds and direct sunlight to produce some of richest tobaccos in the world. These dark and zesty ligero leaves, taken from the highest priming’s of the plant, are all grown on the famed Eiroa family’s tobacco farm located in the Jamastran Valley. These complex, beautifully balanced cigars deliver an abundance of rich and rewarding flavors that includes earth, roasted nuts, leather, white pepper, and coffee. Eiroa Jamastran is yet another artisanal creation that showcases the unrivaled blending skills of CLE brand owner Christian Eiroa. Spoil yourself and order a 20-count box of these decadent handmade premium cigars today!
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