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If you cannot get enough of that incredibly rich and sweet maduro flavor, Eiroa CBT Maduro cigars are the smokes for you. The “CBT” in the name comes from the fact that the capa (wrapper), banda (binder), and tripa (long fillers) are all made with extensively aged maduro tobaccos.

These gems are blended by the famous cigar maker Christian Eiroa, the very same blender who worked relentlessly to create another popular all-maduro blend, the Camacho Triple Maduro, prior to its acquisition by Davidoff. This time around, Eiroa and his El Aladino cigar factory in Honduras opted for using top-quality Honduran tobaccos harvested from the highest, most sun-soaked parts of the plant.

The high-priming maduro tobaccos of CBT Maduro combine to create an incredibly complex and flavorful full-bodied smoke brimming with flavors of peppery spice, dark chocolate, charred wood, espresso, and rich tobacco sweetness that will leave you puffing down to the nub.

A must-have for the humidors of connoisseurs that love maduro tobaccos, these gems sure to impress the most discerning of palates with their top-notch flavors and construction. Offered in boxes of 20 and available as four vitolas that fit any aficionado’s preference, order your Eiroa CBT Maduro cigars online from JR Cigars and get them shipped fresh right to your door!

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