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Known for his in-your-face style with a camera, famed photographer Edgar Hoill’s talents also lie in the art of handmade premium cigars. Created in collaboration with the cigar world's own Christian Eiroa,  Edgar Hoill's namesake cigar line is a bold and meaty Nicaraguan puro expertly built of top-quality long-filler leaf with a rich flavor that comes from meticulous fermentation. Featuring a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile and loaded with rugged flavors like coffee, leather, and zesty sweet spice, Edgar Hoill handmade premium cigars are skillfully handcrafted in a selection of eye-catching shapes, all finished in a dark and oily EMS wrapper with a picturesque sheen, and packed into boxes of 10 cigars. If you're a cigar fan shopping for smokes that showcase the edgy and artistic side to top-quality tobaccos, the Edgar Hoill brand of premium Nicaraguan puros is one to zoom in and focus on when buying handmade cigars online.

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