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Ernesto Carrillo is definitely on a roll, turning out one great premium cigar brand after another. Even with brands like La Gloria Cubana and E.P Carrillo under his belt, along with a bevy of 90+ cigar ratings throughout the years, he never ceases to amaze. Give him an Inch and he’ll take... or make it… or, well… another Inch!

Handmade in the Dominican Republic, Inch C-99 cigars by EPC is a hot extension to the incredibly popular Inch line (so now we have two Inches). So in a pinch, the new Inch shares the same portly ring gauge sizes as the originals while bringing a different popular cigar brand to the rolling table. Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos reside in a vintage Corojo ’99 wrapper that is just so darn smooth and creamy (yum)! And this 15-year-old wrapper (yes, 15 years old) utterly enhances the intricate density of flavors, including lots of sweet spice, nuts, coffee, and cedar. and So sink your teeth into one of these little monsters today. You’ll thank us!

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