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Starting with his famed La Gloria Cubana brand, E.P. Carrillo has been satisfying smokers for over two decades with some of the best Cuban style smokes on the planet. Today the list keeps growing with one smash hit after another. His latest prized offering is the E.P. Carrillo Selección Oscuro. Always looking for unique tobacco recipes, Carrillo has crossed the border into Mexico marking the first time he has used a San Andres Oscuro wrapper on one of his blends. Resting inside this zesty black leaf is a thick Ecuadorian binder, and a selection of long filler tobaccos from the rich bountiful soils of Nicaragua.

Expertly fashioned, and medium to full in flavor, Seleccion Oscuro has a slow even burn, smooth draw, and delivers ample notes of spice, pepper, leather, and cedar with a subtly sweet floral finish.  You can rest assure that a cigar bearing the famous Carrillo name will offer you a superb smoking experience - so order yours today.

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