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Coming from Drew Estate, a titan of the premium cigar industry, Nica Rustica cigars pay homage to the home of Drew Estate, Estelí. Located in the heart of Nicaragua, the city of Estelí has a deep and rich history, but in the last two decades has become an incredibly popular spot for cigar makers and tobacco growers.

La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, the facility that makes almost all of Drew Estate’s blends, is also located in Esteli, and Nica Rustica is their way of showing the people of Estelí some love. The blend highlights tobaccos from Estelí and the nearby Jalapa Valley by using finely aged long fillers from these two growing regions, kept in place by a hearty San Andres Negro binder and finished with a dusky Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

These rustic-looking cigars may not be wearing Sunday’s best, but they drive home the rustic theme, and what these treats lack in looks they make up for in flavor. You can expect a hearty and rich medium-full bodied smoke with every puff, providing a robust profile of spice, dark chocolate, anise, leather, and a creamy sweetness that will have you puffing down to the nub. As the burn progresses, the spice and sweetness build to an explosion of flavor on the palate.

The tribute to Estelí does not stop with the theme; Nica Rustica is available in as a single 6x52 vitola called El Brujito. El Brujito translates directly to mean “witch doctor” or “shaman,” and is the subject of ancient art found in Estelí. The artwork, carved over 6,000 years ago into the face of a stone, is culturally significant to the people of Estelí and is still celebrated in the city’s artwork and culture to this day.

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