Introducing Diesel Fool’s Errand cigars: a new Diesel Trilogy that combines the extraordinary blending talents of industry legends AJ Fernandez and Justin Andrews, the brand owner of the highly popular Forged cigars. This limited-edition series will take you on a flavorful journey of rich expressions of flavor that only two cigarmakers of this legendary status could provide. Year one is the Stubborn Fool – that showcases 10- 5x 58 Perfecto shaped cigars that starts off with a tasty Honduran binder from the fertile Jamastran Valley region of the country, encasing the best hand selected long filler tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras. Then, after further aging in fragrant cedar bins, these prized tobaccos are covered by a stunning , oily, and dark, Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. To provide a medium-to-full bodied experience that’s smooth, unique, and perfectly balanced, Stubborn Fool is laced with luscious notes of wood, dark chocolate, cinnamon, earth, and espresso. Order a box of these limited-edition beauties from JR Cigar right now , so that you don’t miss out on a maduro wrapped taste sensation from two of the biggest names in the biz.
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