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Jesse James, one of the most infamous convicts in American history, occasionally used the alias JD Howard. Thus, the eponymous JD Howard Reserve cigar is an exciting blend from the Crowned Heads brand that embodies the American legend’s gentlemanly demeanor and underlying rugged nature. With flavors so spicy yet smooth, these renegades are so good they should be against the law.

These criminally good sticks are created with hand-selected longer fillers from Nicaragua, a binder from Sumatra, and are cloaked in an exotic Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. This steal is as pleasant on the eyes as it is to the palate! With strong notes of cedar, cinnamon, spice and subtle notes of sweet chocolate, this medium-bodied JD Howard blend captivates from the first draw to the last.

Like their namesake, JD Howard cigars are a rugged compliment to any renegade lifestyle. Aficionados will pine over the complex, balanced smoke.

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