Crowned Heads Azul y Oro is a limited-edition premium cigar with a very interesting back story. 11-years ago, Crowned Heads brand owners Mike Conder and Jon Huber traveled to meet with Gustavo Cura of Oliva Tobacco Co. and NACSA. The pair gifted Cura a bottle of his favorite blended whisky, which is famous for its iconic blue label. The bottle remained unopened. Almost a decade later, this was Conder and Huber’s inspiration to create the hot new Crowned Heads Azul y Oro cigars: the first official blend collaboration between Crowned Heads and Nicaraguan American Cigars S.A. ( NACSA) . Rolled in a single ( 6 x 50) Toro, Azul y Oro consists of long filler tobacco from Nicaragua and Italy, secured by a Nicaraguan binder and a beautiful silky smooth Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. After rolling and further aging, each cigar is fitted with a blue band and placed in matching blue boxes, paying homage to the famous blended whisky. All this time and effort resulted in a medium- to- full bodied smoke that serves up rich flavors of cedar, leather , and dark chocolate, punctuated by zesty notes of black pepper. Limited to only 12,000 boxes of 12, this masterful collaboration between Crowned Heads and NACSA won’t last long, so we highly suggest that you order yours today, before all of our many diehard Crowned Heads fans snatch them all up.
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