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Cornelius & Anthony Cigars boast an ever-expanding portfolio of stunning premium handmade cigars with top-notch construction and unique flavor profiles. The popular Cornelius blend is a Cuban style offering with a triple cap and provides the medium-bodied cigar enthusiast complex notes of both sweetness and spice, along with a refined balance that culminates with a buttery smooth finish. The Daddy Mac’s rich Brazilian wrapper and finely aged filler will offer a zesty combo of medium to full body flavors that will energize the palate, and the Venganza delivers top-quality rich and powerfully bold flavors that build with intensity as the cigar is smoked. Less demanding but equally satisfying, the top-shelf Meridian, another medium strength beauty, serves up a bounty of spice and wood with a lingering sweetness that will have you yearning for another. As Cornelius & Anthony continue to grow their top-of-the-line portfolio, you are bound to find your new favorite blend. All of these luxury blends from Cornelius & Anthony Cigars are available right here at JR Cigars, order a box of 20 or a single cigar today.

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