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Cornelius & Anthony Cigars feature a 4- blend portfolio of stunning premium handmade cigars with flawless construction and unique flavor profiles. Cornelius, a Cuban style vitola with a triple cap, offers the medium body enthusiast complex notes of both sweetness and spice, along with a refined balance that culminates with a buttery smooth finish. The Daddy Mac’s rich Brazilian wrapper and finely aged filler will offer a zesty combo of medium to full body flavors that will energize the palate, while the Venganza delivers rich and powerfully bold flavors that build with intensity as the cigar is smoked. Less demanding, but equally satisfying, the top-notch Meridian, another medium strength beauty, serves up a bounty of spice and wood with a lingering sweetness that will have you yearning for another. All of these luxury blended Cornelius & Anthony Cigars are available right here at JR Cigar.

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