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Manufactured by premium cigarmaking legend Christian Eiroa, CLE Chaparros cigars are skillfully rolled in his prestigious factory in Honduras in four tantalizing blends; Azabache, Corojo, Connecticut, and Habano. They all feature perfectly aged fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru, covered by a thick Honduran binder, with the difference being in the wrappers. Azabache is covered by a zesty San Andrés Mexican leaf in an EMS shade, while Corojo, Habano, and Connecticut are all named after their specific wrapper types. Furthermore, to keep things simple, whichever Chaparro’s blend that you choose, you’ll find it in three short fat vitolas; a 4 x50, 4x60, and a whopping 4 x70. Moving along to the all-important flavor and strength department, Azabache is medium to full bodied with rich notes of coffee, leather, chocolate, and spice. Also, Medium to full, Corojo provides a spicy, nutty, sweet and woodsy experience. The medium bodied Connecticut brings warm and inviting nuances of cocoa, spice, caramel, and cedar, whereas Habano serves up a bold medium to full bodied tapestry of white pepper, wood, espresso, nuts, and cream. Check them all out, and find the CLE Chaparros blend and size that’s right for you!
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