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Handmade in Nicaragua at the famed Plasencia Cigars factory, the Casa Magna Jalapa Claro Toro Box Pressed is a gorgeous premium cigar that looks as rich and inviting as it tastes. This luxurious Nicaraguan puro, produced by famed cigarmaker Manuel Quesada, derives its name from the silky-smooth, golden brown Claro wrapper that was grown in the fertile Jalapa Valley region of the country. The rich, volcanic soil found in Jalapa provides a naturally sweet taste and alluring aroma to the blend. Available in just one (6 x 50) Toro, the perfectly box pressed shape assures that these luxury-class cigars will offer a consistently great burn and an easy draw from one smoke to the next. The cigar is medium bodied, and highly complex, offering the smoker rich, smooth, flavors of white pepper, cocoa, roasted nuts, sweet cream, and cedar. Buy a box of Casa Magna Jalapa Claro online from JR Cigar and enjoy a magnificent creation from Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plasencia— two of the biggest names in the biz.

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