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CAO Arcana Mortal Coil cigars is the latest release from a brand made famous for crafting their cigars with the finest and rarest premium tobaccos from all over the world, and this artisanal gem is certainly no exception. We say this because the Arcana Mortal Coil, rolled in just one popular 6.12 × 50 Toro size, uses very rare andullo tobacco in the filler, a fermentation technique that is found primarily in the Dominican Republic. While most tobacco leaves are placed into large piles after being stripped from the plant, then, set to age this way, andullo tobacco is wrapped with palm tree pods into long rolls called “yaguas” after the leaves are harvested. The pods are bound tightly with rope and rooted into the ground, which results in a tightly packed log of tobacco that draws out more of the naturals sugars in the leaves, thus providing a more concentrated naturally sweet flavor and aroma. Beyond the Dominican andullo, the rest of this one-of-a-kind long filler blend is composed of Honduran tobacco from the Jamastran Valley, Nicaraguan tobacco from Estelí, and some Cuba seed Dominican piloto leaves. This magnificent assortment of long filler tobacco is held together by a U.S.A Connecticut binder and a stunning deep brown Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. This painstaking fermentation process rewards the palate with a full-bodied smoke that has beautifully balanced notes of damp earth, wood, leather, chocolate, and cocoa. Order a modestly priced box of 20 from JR Cigar, and let us fill your humidor with yet another luxurious CAO creation that takes the centuries old art of traditional cigar tobacco blending to a whole new delicious level!
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