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A popular yearly Camacho release since its inception in 2002, the Camacho Liberty Series 2018 is a return to the very popular Honduran puro blend and (6.12 x 52) Figurado size released back in 2005. Camacho Liberty Series 2018 cigars boast a patriotic theme as each vitola is covered by alternating red and white individual wood coffins seated inside a 20-count box with a picture of the American flag on the top of the lid. This 2018 offering is a rich, medium to full body pleasure that serves up multi-layered notes of sweet coffee, leather, and chocolate, nuanced with a zesty spice finish. Always in high demand and short supply, the Liberty series is a much-anticipated annual release from Camacho that sells out very quickly, so order this delectable ultra-premium 2018 edition while you still can.

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