The highly popular Camacho Factory Unleashed cigars are back again for another year and ready to impress every smoker with rich new expressions of flavor. Called, Camacho Factory Unleashed 2 cigars , this year’s installment is a ( 6 x 50 ) Toro with a shaggy foot, the same as last year, but this time boasting a new blend. The cigars are held together by a bold Nicaraguan Habano binder, and filled with a variety of fully aged ligero long filler tobaccos from Honduras and Dominican Republic. After being laid to rest in cedar bins for extra aging, the cigars are finished with a beautiful Connecticut seed Ecuadorian wrapper. At first, the shaggy foot provides flavors of spice, earth, and black pepper. Then, once the flame meets the wrapper, the palate is greeted with lush nuances of cedar, dark roast coffee, and hints of caramel. The captivating result is a solid medium-bodied experience waiting to be Unleashed to smokers that crave the rich and rewarding taste of Camacho cigars. Only 125, 000 bundles of 10 cigars were released, so order yours from JR Cigar now, so that you don’t miss out on this highly anticipated once -yearly offering.
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