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True cigar-making pioneers, the Camacho brand has consistently delivered unrivaled smoking experiences for aficionados with the most discerning palates; and the Camacho Diploma is no different.

The Diploma is a very special cigar in the Camacho family because it’s made exclusively with “Quinto Corte” leaves – the uppermost tobacco leaves on the plant. Grown in the Jamestran Valley of Honduras, these specific leaves boast longer sun exposure than others and have stayed on the plant to the point of perfection. The result is a Corojo more robust and explosive in flavor. In fact, the Camacho Diploma has a similar taste profile to a traditional Corojo, but the Diploma’s distinct figurado shape brings out its intricate spice.

Authentic and finely crafted, Diploma cigars are even packed in an elegant pyramid-shaped box, making it the perfect gift for smoking enthusiasts. Fire one up to relish essences of cedar wood, nuts and earthiness.
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