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Camacho, one of the most popular Honduran brands on the market, has taken a slice out of the old Wild West frontier with their captivating Master Built Camacho American Barrel-Aged cigars. This blend provides a complex and intense new smoking experience inspired by the uncompromising American spirit, with premium bourbon barrel aged Corojo fillers at its heart. American Barrel-Aged is a unique smoke that brings the essence of true Americana spirit to the company’s classic Cuban heritage roots. Covered by a Broadleaf wrapper and binder, along with some rare Pennsylvania fillers, the secret ingredient is Camacho's legendary Corojo leaf aged 6 years, and then skillfully fermented in charred Kentucky bourbon barrels. This is a bold, delightfully aromatic smoke oozing with warm lingering tobacco flavors enhanced by subtle hints of bourbon imparted from this special fermentation process. Camacho American Barrel-Aged Cigars is a welcomed departure from the norm, and a very special treat for any smoker. Be sure to add a box of 20 to your cart, when you place your next online order from JR Cigar!

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