Caldwell Lost & Found 22 Minutes to Midnight Cigars are the latest addition to Robert Caldwell’s immensely popular Lost & Found series. This time around the company brings two savory new wrapper styles to the rolling table: A silky golden brown Connecticut leaf, and a darker Habano varietal. In keeping with Caldwell’s occasionally secretive fashion, the binder and long filler tobacco remain a manufacturers secret. Both medium bodied in strength, the lighter wrapped variety offers rich flavors of leather, roasted nuts, cedar, and cream, whereas the Habano wrapped cigars bring slightly bolder notes of earth, spice, and dark roast coffee notes to the party. The cigars are limited to a production of 200 boxes for each size. Don’t be left out in the dark, and order your favorite Caldwell Lost & Found 22 Minutes to Midnight blend from JR Cigar today, while you still can.
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