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It’s not often that you come across a full-length, quality cigar made in a variety of flavors. Well, the Bering Sabor Especial is exactly that.

This Bering flavored cigar is handcrafted and rolled with a unique, multi-national blend of long-leaf fillers, garbed with a mellow Honduran binder and finished gracefully with a Honduran wrapper. These medium-bodied cigars feature one of four flavors – Amaretto, Irish Cream, Rum or Vanilla – for you to choose from. The combination of earthy undertones and the delicious flavorings make the Bering Sabor Especial a real treat.

These Bering cigars are ideal for beginners or those who simply have a sweet tooth. And, just because they’re flavored doesn’t mean they lack one bit in quality. Trust us; they’re some of the best flavored smokes we’ve had.
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