Avo Cigars is proud to announce the release of the Avo Improvisation 2022 Limited Edition cigars— the final chapter in the company’s enormously popular Improvisation series. First launched in 2015, this limited-Edition line pays tribute to Avo Uvezian, the famed jazz musician, composer, piano player, and producer of fine premium cigars under the Avo brand label.

Aside from music, Avo Uvezian’s greatest passion was cigars. In the late 1980s, Uvezian’s passion for premium cigars, coupled with his disappointment with the cigars of the time, lead him to create his own cigar brand. Reflecting his approach to music, Avo Cigars became known throughout the world for creating a symphony of top-quality flavors with every puff. If you want to learn more about Avo cigars, check out the Blending Room!

This last installment is also a first for the series, because it’s the only Improvisation that features two distinctly different blends in one single box offering to provide one final encore of savory flavors. This year’s offering is called the Avo Limited Edition Robusto Grande, a hefty 5x 55 ring vitola that’s packaged in elegant black and gold boxes of 22, representing both the year and Avo’s March 22nd birthday.

Inside each box is 11 premium cigars with light wrappers, and 11 cigars with dark maduro wrappers that are arranged in an alternating pattern of light and dark wrappers, reminiscent of the black and white keys of a piano.

The Avo Improvisation 2022 White consists of an Ecuadorian wrapper atop a Dominican binder and long fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, while the Avo Improvisation 2022 Black is rolled with a much darker maduro wrapper (also from Ecuador), a Mexican binder, and the same mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos.

The lighter wrapped variety hits all the right notes with a medley of smooth and creamy flavors that includes spice, leather, cedar, and hints of warm honey, whereas the maduro version fine tunes the palate with slightly bolder notes of anise, black pepper, cinnamon, dark fruit, and espresso.

Since its inception, the Avo Improvisation series has amassed a slew of top ratings thanks to their uniquely delicious flavor profiles, and this last chapter may just arguably be the best of the best! Order these limited-edition beauties from JR Cigar now, before they are gone for good.

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