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Named one of the top 50 Cigars in the World, the Avo Domaine is a flawless blend created by musical legend Avo Uvezian. Although there are many remarkable blends under the Avo Uvezian Cigars name, the Avo Domaine stands out because the Dominican tobacco used in these beauties was found near his home. The fillers are wrapped in a dark Ecudorian Sun Grown Connecticut and complete with a Dominican binder. This hand rolled cigar is a well-balanced, full-to-medium bodied blend and features a distinct taste of tea, earth, cedar and vanilla. It is a true cigar connoisseurs dream.

Interestingly, the Avo Cigar brand started when Uvezian was out to dinner one night in 1983. He was infuriated with the price he was asked to pay for a few Cuban cigars and decided at that moment he was going to start producing his own cigars. After two years of searching for the perfect ingredients and cigar makers, he was introduced to Hendrik Kelner, the Davidoff factory and the Domincan tobacco that he would use to make his first cigar.

Now, JR Cigars offers top notch Avo Domaine cigars for you to order, available in boxes, tins and smaller packs; if you’re new to the brand, you can purchase a single to sample the fine taste without a substantial commitment.
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