Archetype cigars are a mind bending 10-blend line of premium cigars from the Ventura Company inspired by the work of psychologist Dr. Carl Jung and mythographer Joseph Campbell. This psycho historical rediscovery of the self includes Cloaks, Curses, Initiation, Strange Passage, Axis Mundi, Dawn of Destiny, Sacred Scales, Crystals, Dreamstate, and Sage Advice cigars. All these top-notch blends are rolled at some of the most prestigious cigar factories in the world including Davidoff and Drew Estate, using the best selection of Central American tobaccos covered by an assortment of top-grade wrappers presented in various shades. Ranging in strength from mellow to very full bodied, the Archetype cigar portfolio can offer a unique and extremely flavorful experience for every style of smoker and their experience level. A modern and nuanced approach to the age-old art of blending makes the Archetype brand a must-try for adventurous cigar aficionados looking to expand their palate. Order your preferred Archetype cigars today and savor a decadent smoke that’s truly unlike any other!
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