Alec Bradley ABCO Miami cigars started out as a value priced brick & mortar exclusive, and now, they are available everywhere for the same affordable bundle of 20 price. The name Miami pays homage to this famous city in South Florida, where Cuban Immigrants could find hand rolled artisanal cigars, similar to the ones that they smoked in their native country without costing an arm and a leg. Due to a legal agreement, Alec Bradley is not releasing the name of the factory that’s producing the new ABCO cigars. However, we can tell you that they feature a stunning Nicaraguan wrapper paired with a tasty Sumatra binder, and a blend of fully aged Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos. One of the best cigar deals out there, these medium to full bodied Cuban-style gems deliver rich, bold flavors of pepper, wood, cocoa, cedar, and spice, backed by a luring sweet tobacco aroma. Order yours from JR Cigar today, and savor an affordable everyday smoke that’s certain to exceed your expectations!
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