For over 160 years, Sutliff has been a premium tobacco popular among pipe smokers around the world. It’s available in three blends:
1. English Blend (Blend No. 5) - Flavored with ONLY different types of tobaccos like Latakia, Perique, and Virginia and NOT additional flavoring. It’s robust with lots of character for the more experienced smoker.
2. Non-Aromatic Blend (Great Outdoors) - This mixture of Burley, vanilla, and flavored Black Cavendish has lots of body and smokes beautifully by itself.
3. Aromatic Blend (Molto Dolce) – One of the most popular blends, this Cream of the Crop is a rich and creamy mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish enhanced by flavors of vanilla, caramel, and honey.