Cain Nub Cigars

The Cain Nub is a combination of two well-respected, high quality Oliva cigar lines. The unique Nub brand is an innovative shorter smoke that promises to immediately hit the infamous “sweet spot,” while the Cain boasts a full-length, robust smoke. When combined, we get the seamless Cain Nub.

This short-length cigar is hand crafted with your choice of a Habano or dark maduro wrapper, a spicy Nicaraguan binder, and a premium ligero long-filler blend. The rich, robust smoke is bursting with smooth flavor including ever-present hints of sweetness, spice and coffee. Ultimately, the Cain Nub is a well-balanced cigar that prides itself on delivering consistent, delicious flavors throughout.

The Cain Nub is the perfect cigar for lounging, or on those days in which you’re not in the mood to smoke a full-length. Succinct, captivating and unwavering, the Cain Nub gets to the point and hits it sweet spot right off the bat.