Cain F Nub Cigars

In creating this unique and full-bodied nub cigar, the Oliva family honed in on the cigar’s “sweet spot” and developed a puro that would deliver a consistent draw throughout the entire smoke. They mastered the concept and combined it with their full-flavored Cain line to produce this, the smooth Cain F Nub.

The Nub’s bold flavor comes from a ligero-heavy filler and a sleek, oiled Habano leaf wrapper. Oliva Cigar’s Cain F also features a sharp spiciness nicely complimented by hints of leather, cedar and a mild sweetness. This line’s hearty spice may put off those who enjoy milder experiences, but the length and “sweet spot” of the Nub makes it a perfect cigar for connoisseurs in search of a shortened smoking experience that does not sacrifice body.

Find a spot for the Cain F Nub in your humidor today and prepare for an unforgettable smoke.