Liga Privada Unico Serie Cigars

The cigar craftsmen over at Drew Estates are constantly experimenting with new blends and combinations in an effort to craft the ultimate Liga Privada. Some of these blends are so unique and contain such rare tobacco that it would be impossible to sustain a full production line. Thus, they release them under the Liga Privada Unico Serie – a collection of private blends.

JR Cigar’s carries the renowned Nicaraguans Papas Fritas, Dirty Rat, Feral Flying Pig, L40 Lancero and UF13 for your absolute enjoyment. If your lifestyle takes you to the edge, indulge in a select, limited-production box from the Liga Privada Unico Serie.

In 2013, the L40 received an impeccable score of 91 in Cigar Snob.